Dealers Den

Our Dealers Den is the main hub of activity at Fur-Eh! featuring fantastic, talented artists, makers, writers and more! Find unique merchandise, commission an artist or pick up the latest book from a favourite Furry author. Fursuits, fursuit partials and supplies will also be centre stage!

DEALERS: Our initial sale of tables & booths is complete. Our lottery and curation process is also complete. Notifications are going out to Dealers selected in our lottery & curation process. If you have not received your notification yet, please be patient as we expect the last of the notifications to go out by December 15th. If you missed out on all of this, you can still be a part of our Dealers Den wait list by completing the questionnaire below. You will automatically be placed on our wait list in order of when the form was received.

GUESTS: More information about who will be in our Dealers Den and what products and services our Dealers will offer will be made available in the weeks ahead! Get ready to shop next June during Mardi Paws at Fur-Eh! 2020!

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