Code of Conduct

Changes to our Code of Conduct for 2020 are shown in bold print. When you purchase a membership to attend Fur-Eh!, you are agreeing to the current Attendee Code of Conduct as shown below. Fur-Eh! – MEMBERSHIP A membership at Fur-Eh! includes a badge that is your conditional pass to convention events. THE BADGE REMAINS THE PROPERTY OF FUR-EH UNTIL THE END OF THE CONVENTION. At the end of the last scheduled event of the convention the badge becomes the property of the member. Prior to the end of the convention, the badge shall not be altered or defaced as it contains information pertinent to access events and must remain easily readable to all convention staff and volunteers.  The badge must be presented when entering any convention sanctioned panels or events.  ALTERATIONS TO THE BADGE THAT WOULD ELEVATE A MEMBER’S ACCESS WILL RESULT IN THE REVOCATION OF THE MEMBERSHIP. BADGES ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. Any member found to be sharing their badge will have their membership immediately suspended for a period of time – or revoked – as determined by executive event staff. No access to any convention spaces will be permitted to suspended or revoked members. No refund of any kind will be given for suspended memberships. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. In the event that you are unable to attend the event, please be advised that we do not offer refunds. However, we will examine each instance on a case-by-case basis to explore alternatives which may include allowing you to transfer your registration value to another attendee or offering a credit that can be applied to the following year’s attendance. INADMISSIBLE ATTENDEES. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to individuals who have been convicted of a crime of a violent sexual nature and/or have been deemed sexual offenders. MINORS. Fur-Eh! strives to provide events and activities for all ages. However some events may be intended for a mature audience (18 years of age or over). Such events will be clearly noted on the schedule and at the door and access to the panel or event will not be permitted to attendees under the age of 18. A member that is 18 years of age, or older, at the start of the convention, is issued a regular membership badge.  A member that does not provide satisfactory proof of age will be issued a ‘minor’ badge. A regular badge permits access to all panels and events, unless otherwise stated. Photo ID may be requested to confirm a badge before entry is permitted to any 18+ panel or event. A member that is under the age of 18 on the date of the first day of the convention will be issued a ‘minor’ badge. Fur-Eh! cannot provide guardianship, daycare, or supervision for a minor at any time. A member with a ‘minor’ badge will not be permitted to attend or participate in any panel or event designated as “18+”. Members 17 years old with a birth date that falls during the convention will be issued a minor’s badge upon registration. On or after their birthday they may come to Convention Operations / Registrations to have the ‘minor’ designation removed from their membership. A minor that is aged 16 or older on the first day of the convention may attend without an adult guardian present by providing signed guardian approval. The guardian is to provide identification and sign a copy of this document at registration on behalf of the attendee. If the guardian is unable to be present at registration, a signed copy of this document and a photocopy of one piece of government-issued ID (with signature for comparison) must be provided. Contact information for the guardian must also be provided for verification or in case of emergency. The copy of the provided ID will be destroyed within 30 days of the end of the event. A minor that is under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian. The minor’s guardian will have a badge that is linked to the minor. The conditions for guardianship-modified attendance are as follows: Minor(s) under 9 years old the date of the start of convention: * The adult guardian registers a membership at regular rate, a membership and badge is issued to the minor at no additional cost. * The guardian badge and the minor badge are “linked” with a reference to each other. * The minor must at all times be accompanied by the guardian to access convention panels and events. * The guardian, as a fully paid attendee, may access an 18+ panel or event provided that the minor is not with them at the time. Minor(s) aged 9 to 16 at the date of the start of convention, “restricted guardian” option: * The minor registers a membership at regular rate, a membership and badge issued to the guardian at no cost. * The minor badge and the guardian badge are “linked” with a reference to each other. * The minor must be accompanied by the guardian to access convention panels and events. * The guardian, as an unpaid attendee, is granted NO ACCESS to any panel or event UNLESS THE MINOR IS WITH THEM. Minors aged 9 to 16 at the date of the start of convention, “unrestricted guardian” option: * The minor registers a membership at regular rate. * The adult guardian also registers a membership at regular rate. * The minor badge and the guardian badge are “linked” with a reference to each other. * The minor must be accompanied by the guardian to access convention panels and events. * The guardian, as a fully paid attendee, may access an 18+ panel or event provided that the minor is not with them at the time. Note: There is a limit of ONE complimentary badge for each paid badge. Fur-Eh! – Code of Conduct Guidelines GENERAL BEHAVIOUR These policies are written to help ensure the most enjoyable experience possible to all of our attendees. The goal is to preserve freedom of expression without causing undue disturbance to other members, hotel guests, the general public, venue staff, and/or the venue (Edmonton Inn & Suites). Fur Eh! is a private event that utilizes a public venue. Participation in convention sanctioned events is restricted to members, however, the general public are often in attendance when in any open or public spaces. The general public shall always be assumed to be an all ages audience. Violation of the terms described herein may result in immediate suspension or revocation of your Fur-Eh! membership. A suspension or revocation of your membership means the badge will be reclaimed by the Fur-Eh! staff and your access into convention spaces and events is likewise immediately suspended or revoked. If any security staff member believes, within reason, that you are posing a potential danger to yourself, other guests, or to property, you will be asked to cease immediately. If your behavior continues, your badge will be revoked, and you will be asked to leave. Public Spaces What goes on in a space that is visible to the general public is of concern to both Fur-Eh! and the venue in that it may immediately and irreparably harm the public image and goodwill of Fur Eh! and/or the venue. You are required to obey all local bylaws, as well as provincial and federal laws. The public cannot consent to provocative displays. Provocative displays include but are not limited to displays, actions, and speech that is erotic, racial, menacing, violent, or overtly disturbing in general. The intent is to NOT stifle artistic and personal freedom but to ensure the expression of said freedoms is appropriate to the audience. As stated above: THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS AT ALL TIMES TO BE CONSIDERED ALL-AGES. Please do not block halls and doorways. If you are impeding traffic you may be asked to step to the side or make (and keep) a space for travel. Be aware of elevator wait times – due to traffic and available facilities it may take longer than anticipated before an elevator becomes available for use. Please plan your timeline accordingly. People with mobility limitations shall be given first priority access to the elevator. Second priority goes to fursuit performers and their handlers. It is generally advised that priority also be given to non-event hotel guests. Please keep music to a reduced volume while in public spaces as it can be very disruptive. There are Fur-Eh! members with hearing difficulties and sensitivities – other hotel guests may also be disturbed. Convention Spaces If a panel is NOT marked 18+ then it is assumed to be ALL-AGES and audience and panelists should behave as such. This is important – IF THE PANEL IS NOT MARKED 18+ THEN MINORS ARE PERMITTED INTO THE PANEL SPACE. There are laws regarding the exposure of adult themes to minors and such actions are not permitted by Fur-Eh!. If a panel is marked as 18+ then the audience MAY be considered adult however THE AUDIENCE CANNOT BE ASSUMED TO GRANT CONSENT TO PROVOCATIVE DISPLAYS (see above for provocative displays) UNLESS the panel is clearly described as being inclusive of such behavior. (i.e. adult-themed panels, writing panels involving discussions of provocative topics, etc.) If a panel is marked 18+ or is in any other way indicating a topic that may be personally distressing, then we ask the Fur-Eh! member to consider personal effects of the panel subject matter before attending or participating in the panel or event. Private Spaces Activities conducted within a private room is of no concern to Fur-Eh! or to the hotel SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT DISTURB OR ENDANGER ANY PROPERTY, OTHER PERSONS, OR VIOLATE THE LAW.   SPECIFIC TOPICS Costumes, Fursuits, and Attire Costumes and fursuits and attire of all designs and materials are welcome SO LONG AS THEY ARE CONSTRUCTED AND DISPLAYED IN A MANNER APPROPRIATE FOR THE SPACES YOU ARE IN (see GENERAL BEHAVIOUR above). “Fetish wear” and any overt bondage/BDSM displays or activities are NOT considered appropriate for an ALL-AGES audience and are therefore disallowed in Public Spaces and Convention Spaces as described above in GENERAL BEHAVIOUR.  If you wish to attend a panel or event that encourages, or allows, such attire, this attire shall be adequately covered while in public areas. “Anatomically correct” costumes and fursuits must be appropriately clothed in Public Spaces and Convention Spaces as described above in GENERAL BEHAVIOUR. Private anatomy of the wearer that is visible through the costume or fursuit AFFECTS THE ACCEPTABILITY OF THE COSTUME – you will be asked to find and wear an appropriate undergarment while in Public Spaces and Convention Spaces as described above in GENERAL BEHAVIOUR. Collars/leashes and sled-dog/bridle styled harnesses may be worn with costumes as appropriate to the costume’s species and narrative so long as they are appropriate in Public Spaces and Convention Spaces as described above in GENERAL BEHAVIOUR.  Leashes are not to be held by any other person except the performer at any time. If ANY component of your costume or fursuit presents a risk of injury, or if the audience in the spaces you are in expresses legitimate concern, you may be asked to temporarily modify or amend your costume or fursuit for those spaces. If your costume or fursuit cannot be modified to satisfy the Spaces then the costume or fursuit is disallowed in those spaces.  If your costume or fursuit contains any substance that may be transferred to, or may cause damage to, other attendees, the general public, or hotel property, it may be deemed inappropriate by Fur Eh staff. Weapons For the safety of other attending members and hotel guests, NO WEAPONS are permitted whether as part of a costume or not. This includes, but is not limited to, projectile and bladed weapons. To ensure safety of all persons and property no projectiles shall be thrown or launched. This includes water guns and silly string which damage property. For the comfort of other attending members and hotel guests, NO REPLICA WEAPONS are permitted whether as part of a costume or not. This includes, but is not limited to, projectile and bladed replicas or articles/items that could be mistaken for a real weapon (eg. Airsoft guns, paintball guns, or disabled firearms). Unmodified NERF-styled toys as part of a costume are permitted. Modified NERF-styled toys may be permitted ONLY at staff discretion. Approved modified items will be indicated with a non-permanent security tag to be applied by staff. Miscellaneous Items The use of drones inside of the hotel and conventions spaces is strictly forbidden at all times.  Drones may only be used outside of the hotel with express permission from the hotel staff or a senior member of the Fur Eh staff.  Any drone that is permitted to operate on hotel grounds MUST comply with the rules set forth by Transport Canada ( Laser pointers are permitted for instructional use only.  Laser pointers shall not be pointed at another person or used to provoke another individual in any way shape or form. Hotel Rules The hotel hosts other events at the same time as Fur-Eh! and the hotel, as a matter of business, must ensure the comfort of all their guests. DO NOT INTERFERE WITH ANY OTHER EVENTS AT THE HOTEL. Other events at the hotel in the past have enjoyed the all-ages publicly-visible antics of Fur-Eh! attending members but any and all interactions must only be initiated by the other event or guests. Do not involve yourself with any other event at the hotel unless invited to do so. Please do not ignore any reasonable request by the convention staff or hotel staff. If you disagree with a request by the hotel staff we ask that that you please comply with the request and contact a convention staff member for clarification. The Fur-Eh! liaison will meet with the hotel to understand the request and ensure the request was reasonable. If it is determined to be an unreasonable request Fur-Eh! will work with the hotel to rectify the situation. As an attending member, you are the guest of the hotel and must abide by the hotel’s rules and policies whenever you are on the premises. The hotel reserves the right to reject any attending member for any reason and if you are expelled from the hotel you will immediately forfeit your event membership without refund or recourse. You shall be held responsible for any damage you cause to hotel property. Sleeping is not permitted in the convention spaces and public spaces within the hotel.  This includes the hallways, lobby, and public restrooms. The hotel must adhere to licensing and regulatory restrictions on spaces. Photography and Video Recording As per Canadian law, there is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY in a publicly visible, non-occluded space. Convention spaces are considered private within their confines but this is not a legal protection – an open door or window that someone can easily see into negates practical privacy. However, please use common courtesy and ask before photographing or video recording individuals or costumes. Please respect their wishes if they do not wish to be photographed or recorded. Please note that some panels and areas of the convention space may have further special restrictions on photography or video recording (eg: Headless Lounge, Dealers Den, Art Show). Individuals may, barring restrictions, take pictures and video recordings for private viewing or sharing with friends. We ask our members to be courteous to those of which they wish to take pictures or video especially if destined for the Internet. We again recommend that you ask your subjects for their permission to do this. Photography or videography for the purpose of sale is expressly forbidden. No photography or videography is permitted in any Headless Lounge at any time. Attending members should be aware that images or video gathered by Fur-Eh! staff and/or volunteers in public spaces and some convention spaces may be used as promotional material (in print or online) and that attending members may appear in such material without compensation. Room Parties, Alcohol, and Mind-Altering Substances Room parties are acceptable so long as they do not disturb any other hotel guests and do not cause damage to the hotel property. Fur-Eh! staff or volunteers or hotel staff MAY contact you in-person about your room party if there is any complaint or reasonable suspicion of malfeasance. FUR-EH! STAFF AND/OR VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO MONITOR ROOM PARTIES AS THEY ARE NOT A PART OF THE SANCTIONED CONVENTION EVENTS. Noise and foot traffic in and out of private rooms shall be kept to an absolute minimum. All noise complaints will be handled by hotel staff. Multiple complaints may result in eviction from the venue. If at any time the hotel requires your social gathering to disperse it shall be done so immediately.  Failure to comply may result in eviction from the venue and suspension of your convention membership. It is the responsibility of those hosting a room party to ensure that all persons attending are of legal drinking age (18 years of age) if alcohol is being served. Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws and regulations apply to the sale, transport, and consumption of alcohol and mind-altering substances. Anyone found in violation of these laws and regulations will face immediate revocation of their Fur-Eh! membership and may also face ejection from the venue without refund, and/or referral to the local authorities. Special Venue-specific Policy: Alcohol that is purchased from the hotel lounge may ONLY be consumed in a convention space that is designated as 18+. It must be transported from the lounge directly to the convention space and NOT consumed ‘on the way to’ or outside the destination convention space. This policy DOES NOT apply to ‘outside alcohol’ which is not permitted to be transported into or consumed within hotel convention spaces. This is a hotel policy which aligns with Provincial Alcohol Regulations and may be altered or rescinded AT ANY TIME for any reason by the hotel. Cannabis consumption is only permitted as per hotel smoking rules and is not permitted in Guest rooms. Buying, Selling, and Solicitation Fur-Eh! permits persistent sales of goods and services in designated spaces only (Dealers’ Den, Art Show, Artists Alley). Actively soliciting goods and services outside of the designated spaces is forbidden and may result in the revocation of your membership. Casual solicitation of goods and services outside of the designated spaces is permitted. All dealers of goods and services in the Dealer’s Den and Artists Alley are responsible for their own tax remittances. Fur-Eh! assumes no responsibility or liability for the quality, quantity, or any material characteristic of items and services sold by dealers in the Dealers’ Den. All transactions remain strictly between the purchaser and dealer. Please note that the following items are prohibited from being sold in the Dealer’s Den: * Weapons or weapon replicas [“Nerf” items excluded] * Food & Beverage unless negotiated in advance [The hotel’s catering is a ‘protected franchise’] * Anything which may violate local, provincial, or federal laws and regulations There are no refunds for Dealers who are unable to attend Fur-Eh! You may, as an option, attempt to resell your table/booth space however the final decision as to whether a replacement dealer is permitted in your space remains with the Fur-Eh! Organizing Committee. No refunds will be provided for items sold by Fur-Eh! at the Fur-Eh! Convention Store. Exchanges will – as able – be provided for defective merchandise. Store credit will be extended if an exchange cannot be made. Harassment and Assault Harassment is defined as any behavior that intentionally annoys and/or alarms another person. This includes any unwarranted physical contact, following someone around a public area against their wishes, or threatening physical violence against someone. Targeted harassment has no place at Fur-Eh!. If a potential attendee has demonstrated that they are actively engaging in the harassment of an individual or individuals that are attending Fur-Eh!, the harasser will be removed from the event, their membership revoked and they may be potentially barred from future events. This includes actions conducted prior to the event where it can be demonstrated that targeted harassment has taken place. Remember: “No” means no. “Stop” means stop.  If you have been turned away by someone you are not to pursue them any further. Please leave that person alone and IF they change their mind about interaction, it is ENTIRELY UP TO THEM to re-engage you. Harassment and/or assault complaints will be dealt with strictly and may result in the offender’s ejection from the event and hotel without refund or recourse, in addition to the potential involvement of local law enforcement. If you feel you are being harassed or you have been assaulted, please report it immediately to a member of the event staff and hotel staff. Costumes DO NOT equal consent to physical contact or harassing behavior. There is a person in there! Be respectful towards the performer and their handler. Costumes DO NOT grant consent to a performer. Performing as a character does not absolve you of responsibility to adhere to convention policies. Media Policy Fur-Eh! is a privately organized and held event. As such we do not allow media coverage at the event without prior approval. If access to the convention is granted, the press (media) is required to check in with Operations once on convention property and prior to ANY news-gathering. A media escort may be provided by Operations during their entire stay on convention property. * Coverage of the Fur-Eh! convention and events must be limited in time and scope. * All footage obtained at the convention must only be used in regards to the convention itself and must be used as one continuous segment. * Fur-Eh! organizers and/or panelists have the right to deny media access to their specific events. * All Fur-Eh! attendees have the right to refuse participation in media coverage; the media/press shall respect those rights. Members agree to not act as media agents in any way shape or form while attending the event. Making photographic, audio or video recordings of any convention event for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Violations, Appeals, Comments, Inquiries Any incident that is brought to the attention of Fur Eh! staff or volunteers will be dealt with on an individual basis in that the resolution of any incident will not be held as precedent to be applied to any other incident of similar nature. Violation of these policies will be handled as deemed appropriate by event staff. Violators will be asked to cease and desist. Decisions made by event staff are final. If you have any sort of question or comment regarding a policy, please proceed to Operations and ask for an executive staff member. We will do our best to clarify things. Violators may be asked to exit the event or the convention by event staff or security staff. If a person refuses to exit after told to do so, they are by law an informed trespasser and the situation may be escalated to hotel staff or local law enforcement. Anything that is not included in this document is NOT EXCLUDED from scrutiny. Fur-Eh! cannot account for every potential scenario that may result. We may update the electronic version of this document during the convention to address a situation. These policies and guidelines are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all Fur-Eh attendees, the general public, and the hotel venue.  It is your responsibility as attendees to adhere to the guidelines and policies that have been set forth by the convention.
  IF YOU ARE AN UNACCOMPANIED MINOR (16 or 17 years of age), PLEASE PRINT THIS ENTIRE PAGE AND HAVE IT SIGNED BY YOUR PARENT OR GUARDIAN.   MINOR ATTENDEE NAME: _______________________          MINOR ATTENDEE DATE OF BIRTH (mm/dd/yy): ____/____/____ MINOR’S PARENT OR GUARDIAN NAME: _____________________________ I am the legal parent or guardian of the above indicated 16 or 17 year old attendee and grant permission for them to attend Fur-Eh! without my accompanying them. I agree to be responsible for their actions should they contravene any of the Code of Conduct as listed on this document. MINOR’S PARENT OR GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: ___________________________ PLEASE ENSURE THAT A COPY OF A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE OR OTHER GOVERMENT ISSUED ID WITH A SIGNATURE IS INCLUDED WITH THIS SIGNED DOCUMENT. The copy of your ID will only be held for 30 days and will be securely held and destroyed. This version published MAY 22, 2019.

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