Fur-Eh! is operated by a team of dedicated individuals who work to ensure that all of our Guests are entertained and respected. The convention consists of the following individuals who put countless hours of volunteer time into the convention.


Thallanor Rasmuson – Convention Chair
bcbreakaway – Board Member & Secretary
Maskwa – Board Member
SierraRacs – Board Member


Lone Tiggs – Operations Manager & Construction Lead
Mika – Assisant Operations Manager
Vampy – Registration Lead
Kellic – Volunteer Lead
Carcass – Assistant Volunteer Lead
Daedalus – Security Lead
SierraRacs – Resources Lead
Thunder – Assistant Resources Lead
Breezy – Co-Vendor Lead & Retail Lead
Stirling Millar – Co-Vendor Lead & Art Show Manager
Jake Tiggy – Audio/Visual Manager
Ken F. – Charity Liaison


bcbreakaway – Guest Experience Manager
Huscoon – Head of Programming
Zay – Theming Lead
Jakey – Publications/Signage
Tarl/Voice – Writing Track Lead
Carcass – Art Track Lead
mBlade – Fursuit Track Lead & Parade Manager
Dukeskunk – Gaming Lead
Silver Hoof – Dance Manager
Fallout Coyote – Major Events Coordinator
Hobo Takoda – Photo & Video Lead
Jessikah – Assistant Retail Lead

If you see any of them, please feel free to let any of these individuals who have dedicated so much of their time to putting on this event know that you are appreciative of their work!


We’re pleased to introduce Eerie Eden as our Guest of Honour at Unifursal Studios! Eerie will be participating a range of panels/events at Fur-Eh! 2019.


In the past 3 years, you’ve helped raise approximately $14,000 for our charity partner! We thank you all for your generosity! Our charity partner will be announced for 2019 soon.