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Entertaining programming is an integral part of the Fur-Eh! experience, made possible thanks to the many wonderful attendees who volunteer their time to host a panel. If you’d like to help entertain our guests at Broadway Tails, we recommend the following tips to make your panel a success!

  1. Keep your panel to a 1 hour maximum. If you really feel that your panel requires more time than 1 hour, you may request it and we will do our best to schedule, but keep in mind that time in our panel rooms is limited.
  2. We are in the entertainment business! While your panel topic may be of educational value, remember that people not only want to be informed, they want to be captivated.
  3. Are you funny? Are you sure? While we encourage humour, please note that any humour should not be hateful. Hate speech disguised as “being funny” will simply not be tolerated.
  4. Choose topics that you are passionate about. These are topics that you make you light up when you talk about them! Your excitement is infectious and will capture the audience’s attention because of your genuine interest.
  5. Offer different takes on tried and true ideas! While there are some panels that are at virtually every furry convention, Fur-Eh! prides itself on our unique programming options which our attendees surprise us with every year. So, be sure to be creative in your programming submissions!
  6. Think of the theme! If you’ve been to Fur-Eh!, you know that theme is a huge part of what we do. As such, we highly encourage panels/events that are related to the theme of Broadway Tails. We’ll do our very best to approve panels that take the theme into account in some way!

If you are ready to apply to host a panel/event at Fur-Eh!, please fill in the form below!

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Thank you for making Fur-Eh!’s Programming possible!