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Our 2017 Conbook was something special. It was our “Dogwarts School Annual” and featured tremendous artwork by our Guest of Honour (Davecko). Designed by Jakey, our Head of Publications, this conbook is 32 pages of high quality, full colour content that is perfect as a memento of Fur-Eh! or just as a unique look into the year that was. It also features our “Origin Stories” for our four Dogwarts “founders” by Joshiah Warren and the two-part short story “Harry Otter and The Furbidden Amulet” written by our Writing Track Lead, Aaron Blackpaw. A PDF version of the conbook is available for free, but you can get this printed copy while quantities last for just $6.00 and that includes shipping! FOR A LIMITED TIME, also receive a copy of our colour “Furauders Map” which was our “Quick Reference Pocket Guide” as a bonus!¬†

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