Get ready for a taste of Broadway as only Fur-Eh! can do it!

Fur-Eh!: The Musical is a full-length stage musical featuring parodies of some of Broadway’s biggest and well-known numbers.

Thirteen amazing songs will take you through the journey of a new Furry who is experiencing Fur-Eh! for the first time with their much more experienced friend. Along the way, the new Furry will meet a host of other Furs including Dancers, Fursuiters and a self-purported “Popufur”. Will the new Furry find their place at the Convention or will they leave, never having truly felt like they fit in?

Find out at the one (and only) performance of Fur-Eh!: The Musical, taking the stage in The Wildrose Theatre on Saturday, July 8th at 7:30pm.

Seats are limited. Priority seating will be provided to special Guests, “Diva”, “Understudy” and “Swing” registration level Guests (in that order). As a courtesy to all Guests, late arriving individuals will not be seated. Flash photography and video lighting are not permitted in the theatre.

For your enjoyment, here is a preview of just a few of the musical numbers you’ll experience during this performance:

Fursuiter’s Life

Master of the House

Dancing Furries

Fursona Species Tango

No Time At All