Our Marketplace promises to offer a unique shopping experience, be sure to check it out to get official Fur-Eh! 2023: Broadway Tails merchandise, commission artists, purchase a variety of unique merchandise from one of the vendors, or to speak with representatives from our charity. With over 50 different vendors to choose from, there’s sure to be something there for everyone!

Marketplace Annex

New this year, we’re pleased to announce that our Marketplace is expanding. While the Marketplace will continue to be located between the North Elevators and the Arbour Lounge, we are introducing the Marketplace Annex which will be located in the Arbour Lounge. This is where you will find the Fur-Eh! Company Store where you can purchase official Fur-Eh! merchandise and pickup pre-purchased / upper tier goodies; along with some additional vendors that we simply couldn’t fit in the Marketplace.

Operating Hours

Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
(Closed 1:30pm – 2:30pm for the parade)
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

2023 Vendors

  • Adventure Cat
  • Animal Shapes
  • Apoxon Industries
  • Armoured Fox Press
  • Art of Nicole
  • Artsyheartst & Darkodraco
  • Asagurble
  • Atlas Studios
  • BoyCub
  • Brat Blush
  • Canadian Con Corner
  • CautiousCulpeo
  • Cozy Cryptids
  • Creepy Creatures Canada
  • Darkpaw Studios
  • DrFoxxButt
  • Eyrie Ceramics
  • Floofflebutt
  • GEARS (Con Charity)
  • Hatosaurus
  • Howlingloup
  • Jays Boingy Tails
  • Jenessa
  • KairiWolfArt
  • Kiaryn
  • Kitamon Plush
  • Levvianthan
  • Marci McAdam
  • MondayMidwich
  • NaysPinClub
  • Onix Angel Creations
  • Professor Whovianart Creations
  • Protogen.Store
  • Raditz Wyvern Creates
  • Reika
  • RexyJackal
  • Rising Phoenix Body Art
  • SerpentStag
  • SevenTail Creations
  • SewingStuffs Fursuits
  • Silent Raven
  • Slacktell Art
  • Soft Goblin
  • Tekky Munster
  • TheLionessAndTheLoom
  • The Living Shadow
  • The NeuroDivergentSea Collective
  • TloueyDraws
  • Two Fox Creations
  • Werewolf Boyfriend Music
  • Wild Element Studios
  • WonderSlug
  • Wruffin’it Adventures Group
  • Yue Noctis