6/11/18 – As some of you have recently asked, here’s a reminder about our minors policy at Fur-Eh! as shown in our Code of Conduct. A member that is under the age of 18 on the date of the first day of the convention will be issued a ‘minor’ badge. Fur-Eh! cannot provide guardianship, daycare, or supervision for a minor at any time. A member with a ‘minor’ badge will not be permitted to attend or participate in any panel or event designated as “18+”. Members 17 years old with a birth date that falls during the convention will be issued a minor’s badge upon registration. On or after their birthday they may come to Convention Operations / Registrations to have the ‘minor’ designation removed from their membership. A minor that is aged 16 or older on the first day of the convention may attend without an adult guardian present by providing signed guardian approval. The guardian is to provide identification and sign a copy of this document at registration on behalf of the attendee. If the guardian is unable to be present at registration, a signed copy of this document and a photocopy of one piece of government-issued ID (with signature for comparison) must be provided. Contact information for the guardian must also be provided for verification or in case of emergency. The copy of the provided ID will be destroyed within 30 days of the end of the event. As such, the premise is that the guardian would go to and print off that page in its entirety. The guardian must sign a copy of this document at the time of registration (in person) OR provide a signed copy of the printed page along with a photo copy of a piece of government-issued ID (with signature) and contact information for verification. That would be provided to our registration staff by a 16 or 17 year old unaccompanied minor. For anyone under 16, the guardian MUST accompany the minor at all times. The full section pertaining to minors is found at We encourage those who may be affected by it to read it! 6/9/18 – We’re just days away from welcoming you to Paws Vegas! Here are some helpful tips to get you ready for your arrival. 1. If you pre-registered and paid for your registration online, your badge will be waiting for you at BADGE PICK UP in the front lobby of the hotel during peak hours. At all other times, it will be in the Registration Office (identified as the “British Columbia” room). To pick up your badge, you’ll need to have proper photo ID (or 2 other pieces of non-photo ID). If you did NOT pre-register online or you never completed payment for your online pre-registration, you will go to the Registration Office to register. If you are only visiting us for a day, single day passes are available for $25/day per person. These are also available in the Registration Office. Registration officially opens on Thursday morning, however watch Twitter & Facebook and our Telegram announcements page for a potential Wednesday night opening for registration/badge pickup. 2. Hotel check-in is not until 3pm. However, the hotel is happy to allow you to check in before that if rooms are available. Please note that this is not guaranteed and even the 3pm check in time may be delayed due to the volume of Guests arriving. The hotel will do everything they can to ensure that rooms are ready by no later than 3pm. If you have a problem with your hotel check in, please let us know. 3. If you are a Dealer and/or participating in the ART SHOW, please note that access to the Courtyard Ballrooms for set up will start at 9am on Thursday June 14. The Dealers Den will open to the public on Friday and your set up must be completed by 9:45am that day. 4. If you are planning on trying for the Artists Alley, Friday is the first day of operation, starting at 11am. You must come down to the REGINA room starting at 10:30am to sign up for a spot for that day. The cost is $5 for a 1/2 table. (Only 1/2 tables are available.) 5. Questions? Feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook and we’ll answer as soon as we can! SEE YOU SOON!   5/12/18 – Our programming schedule is now live! Check out what we have planned in our “BE ENTERTAINED” section! 5/12/18 – We’re just over a month away from your visit to Paws Vegas at Fur-Eh! 2018! Just a reminder that upper tier registration closes Sunday May 13. After that, only Tourist Class (basic) registration will be available and that will also close on June 3. You will still be able to buy single day passes for $20/day or your Tourist Class registration for all 4 days at the door for $60. As well, we’ve added menu details to our Dining section (including information on the great menu items and buffets at the hotel’s Graze Restaurant and Arbour Lounge). We’ve also included some information on other local dining options, too! 4/2/18 – We’re pleased to confirm that Paws Vegas will indeed have an ART SHOW & SALE this year. It will be located in our Dealers Den and will operate the same hours as the Den itself. If you’d like to be a part of the Art Show & Sale, please fill out this form: Space is limited and is first come first serve. 3/25/18 – Some important dates ahead! Here’s what you need to know: DANCE COMPETITION sign up – OPEN. Deadline to sign up will be JUNE 14, 2018 or when we reach a maximum number of entrants (whichever comes first). A wait list will be available if we do reach the maximum number of entrants. TALENT SHOW sign up – OPEN. Deadline to sign up will be JUNE 5, 2018 or when we reach a maximum number of entrants (whichever comes first). A wait list will be available if we do reach the maximum number of entrants. DJ APPLICATIONS – OPEN. Deadline to apply is APRIL 20, 2018. FUR-EH! PARADE group, special performance or vehicle entry – OPEN. Deadline to sign up is JUNE 5, 2018. Note that if you are planning to simply walk the parade route, you do NOT need to sign up for this. PRE-REGISTRATION – TOURIST tier closes pre-registration JUNE 3, 2018. CARD SHARK, HIGH ROLLER & WHALE tiers all close pre-registration on MAY 13, 2018. At the convention, only TOURIST tier will be available. CON BOOK SUBMISSIONS – OPEN. Submissions accepted until end of day APRIL 30, 2018. This includes AD SWAPS or paid advertising. Submission form: PROGRAMMING SUBMISSIONS – OPEN. Submissions accepted until end of day APRIL 19, 2018 or when maximum number of programming slots is reached (whichever comes first).   2/25/18 – Registration is back up and available.  As you may have heard, we shut down our registration system about a week ago when there were concerns about potential ways to exploit the “Convention Master” registration system that we and numerous other furry conventions use. After a tremendous amount of work by the team at Convention Master over the past week, a new username & password system replaces the old way that one used to access their registration. The first time you access, you’ll want to select “new user” and go through the “password reset” function. Please use the email that you believe you have set as your default email when you previously registered with us. If there is a record of your email, you will receive an email from the registration system asking you to select the registration/account you are trying to access. (If you registered previously more than once, you will receive an email for each of those accounts because they are treated as separate items.) It’s quite self-explanatory as to the steps from there. If you don’t know which email you originally used to register with us or you select the wrong registration/account to tie your new login to, fear not! Please contact us at and we can look up which email you did use (and to see if there is a typo in the email you registered with at the time) or make other changes to your account so that you can access it correctly. Thank you for your patience and keep those registrations coming!   2/11/18 – Fur-Eh! is proud to introduce our new Concierge Service! This free service is available to all Guests, but designed to help those from outside of the Edmonton area who are planning to join us at Fur-Eh! 2018. Find out more about what our Concierge Service can do for you at   1/19/18 – Volunteer Applications are now being accepted! Volunteers are rewarded with a limited edition gift as well as other perks based on the number of hours worked. Additional Staff positions are also still available. Find out more at   12/23/17 – Our Waiting List for the Dealers Den is now open. If you were unsuccessful in being awarded a table from our lottery, you have already been added to the list. If you didn’t participate in the lottery and would like to be wait-listed for a half or full table, please sign up on the aforementioned form!   12/18/17 – Programming submissions are now being accepted for Fur-Eh! 2018. You can find out more about programming and how to submit your application to host a panel here:  We are also looking for other entertainment from performers of all types! Please find out more about our search here:   12/17/17 – A reminder that our room block for Fur-Eh! 2018 opens tomorrow (Monday December 18, 2018) at 9am MST. Details on the room types available and how to book are available on our “stay” page.