Mardi Gras Krewes

Krewes play a key role during Mardi Paws by running special events, participating in the Fur-Eh! Parade and creating a sense of community for its members.

Mardi Paws will feature three Krewes, headed by enthusiastic individuals who want to help entertain all of our Guests during this 4-day celebration.

Scélérat Rouge Krewe

The Krewe of scoundrels, led by Chinona, invites you, Krewe or non-Krewe alike, to join us as we celebrate the darker side of life, while raising money for some cute furry mutts in need of a forever home! The Generals of SR will be watching as there will be prizes for the most active and generous attendees who exemplify our motto: Irresistible, incorrigible, insatiable.

Rainbow Iris Krewe

The Rainbow Iris Krewe welcomes attendees of all ages to join us for a weekend of wholesome fun! Laine, the Krewe’s Leader promises that we’re your family-friendly, polychromatic & inclusive Krewe! So, whether you’re young or just young at heart, we’ll be sure to make you feel welcome! At our special ball, join us for sunglass masquerade mask making, face painting and get in on the ball pit!

The Pawmical Fools Krewe

Everything is pawsible with the Krewe of Pawmical Fools! We’re all about Paws, Pranks, and Perplexing Postulations; what more could you ask for!? Our party will involve kazoo-e-oke and an open mic for your best puns. Plus, you can get in on the action as our Krewe members will be armed ready to give out kazoos in exchange for puns. Jordan Whitewolf will lead this Krewe!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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