Hospitality Rooms

Fur-Eh! is happy to announce that with our new hotel venue, we are now accepting applications from prospective Guests who wish to host events in a “hospitality” area of the hotel that will be specifically designated to have less restrictions on noise and disruption to other Guests.

This block of hospitality rooms will be located exclusively on the first floor (ground level) on the south side of the building.

The rooms are all DOUBLE QUEEN standard rooms. There is a single bedroom king suite (with additional sofa bed) that is also available that offers more room.

If you would like to hold a private, invite-only event, you may also do so provided that you host at least one open invite event. Please note that all of the rules listed at the bottom of this form still apply.

If you do not wish to hold any open invite events, you should NOT apply to be in this special hospitality room area. Instead, book a room as part of the standard room block and hold your event(s) there. However, note that the tolerance for noise or disruption from any event held in the other areas of the hotel will be lower.

As our standard room block will already be open before we are able to finalize the award of these specially designated rooms, you should attempt to book a standard DOUBLE QUEEN room of your choice now. (If you are awarded a room in this special hospitality room block, you will be required to cancel the regular room booking and you may not transfer it to another individual.)