July 6-9th, 2023 · Edmonton Inn & Conference Center

Fur-Eh! Day

About Fur-Eh! Day

At Fur-Eh!, we believe that our connection to each other is something powerful and something we can celebrate even when we’re far apart.

To that end, we are declaring Saturday August 7th, 2021 “Fur-Eh! Day” and you’re invited to celebrate with us wherever you are!

Around Alberta and beyond, Fur-Eh! TV will feature live check-ins via video conference with gatherings big and small (as permitted by your local health authority) where we hope to see many familiar faces and maybe even some new ones. Join us on our Discord Server where you’ll find the convention rooms, and many other goodies exclusively for Fur-Eh! Day. You will also be able to find us on VRChat all day, and in our Games Room we will be hosting Among Us from 4:30-7:30pm and Jackbox Games from 8:00-11:00pm.

Fur-Eh! Discord Server

9:30am Sci Fi Studies & Furry with Brandy J. Lewis

Join us as we discuss an entry into Science Fiction Studies, a vast academic field holding a wealth of tools useful for working through the furry fandom and its use of human-animal characters.

10:30am Fluffy Fitness with Sam

It’s a fitness routine only a border collie could bring you! Sam takes you through a range of heart-pumping exercises designed for just about everyone.

11:00am Thinking Through Utopia with Brandy J. Lewis

What is the utopia, and how does furry fit in with it? Come and join us as we discuss utopianism with the help of Science Fiction Studies and Critical Utopian theory alongside Black and queer scholarship.

Reincarnated at a Furry Con with Tarl

Come learn about the fledgling original light novel market and how it mirrors the furry publishing world. Just watch out for truck-kun!

12:00am Fur-Eh! Day Parade

It’s a “virtual” parade like no other! Floats, fursuiters and floating raccoons are just some of what the Fur-Eh! Day Parade is all about!

12:30am Visiting Fur-Eh! Day Events

Groups are holding events celebrating Fur-Eh! Day and we’ll check in on some of them to see how they are enjoying this special day!

1:00pm Defeating Writer’s Block with Tarl

Everyone gets writer’s block. Come learn how to defeat it!

1:30pm Fur-Eh! Dance Competition

Always a favorite, contestants will compete in a virtual dance competition judged by our panel of special guest judges. Tune in to see who wins!

2:00pm VRC Meet & Greet with mBlade

Whether you have a VR headset or just want to join on your desktop, check out our special world designed exclusively for Fur-Eh! featuring the Arbour Lounge.

3:00pm Getting Baked with Huscoon

Hone your culinary skills by making a delicious cast iron skillet pizza and then bake a batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies.

3:30pm Thall Eats… “Sushi”

Thall loves sushi, but he might feel differently after tonight’s event. Donate to have Thall indulge in increasingly horrifying sushi creations. The more you donate, the more he has to eat!

4:30pm Roasting McGuffin Films

Cainen McGuffin and a few of his friends watch some of Cainen’s old movies and videos, and riffs and roasts them for fun. We’ll also point out fun little tidbits and easter eggs, and banter about random things 🙂

5:30pm Sherbert Tales with Sherbert

Sherbert is here to tell you about his ongoing journey from fursuit to manga to anime series, with humorous anecdotes along the way! Laugh along and have some fun…and maybe end up in therapy, I dunno….

6:00pm Visiting Fur-Eh! Day Events

Groups are holding events celebrating Fur-Eh! Day and we’ll check in on some of them to see how they are enjoying this special day!

6:30pm Learn to Dance – The Tootsie with Temperance

Temperance of Komickrazi Studios teaches a fun dance number from the “Tootsie” Broadway Musical.

How to Coast Through a Pandemic with Thall & Tiggs

Times have always been tough. Now, they’re a lot tougher. Join Tiggs and Thallanor as they bestow upon people their combined knowledge. With any luck, that might fill a time slot.

7:00pm Furry Tonight with bcbreakaway

bcbreakaway interviews Fur-Eh! Con Chair “Thallanor”, Waggery Costumes founder “Acai”, Red Shorts-wearing lion “Nbowa” and filmmaker “Cainen McGuffin”

7:30pm Onix Angel – Charity Art Stream

Come watch me draw some digital furry and and help me raise money for my local children’s hospital!

8:00pm Building Effective Characters with Arcane Reno

Strong characters form the backbone of every memorable story, and furry fiction in particular tends to center upon its characters. How do we write memorable and believable characters? We’ll walk through some techniques that will help take your character writing to the next level.

8:30pm Returning to Conventions with Star Raccoon

How do you feel about returning to conventions in person? Star Raccoon takes us through his thoughts on this topic while a major furry convention happens in person just miles away from him!

9:00pm – Midnight Saturday Night DJs

Let us be your soundtrack to the rest of your night, capping off a fun-filled Fur-Eh! Day.