Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Fur-Eh!?
    Fur-Eh! is an annual convention held in Edmonton, AB to celebrate and come together as a Furry community. Like most Furry Conventions, each year the convention adopts a special theme to keep the convention fresh and exciting. During the convention you will find people who dress in animal costumes called Fursuits, there are informative panels on a variety of topics, special events like a dance competition and Fursuit Parade, and space for the many talented artists in our community to showcase and sell their work.

  2. What is a Furry?
    Being a Furry means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Generally a furry is anyone who enjoys anthropomorphized animal characters (think Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Brian Griffon). Some only enjoy the artwork produced by the community, while many others will create their own character called a Fursona, whom they will identify themselves as in the community. Some will even create costumes of their character, costing thousands of dollars. For a more detailed look at what being a Furry means, we suggest checking out FurScience or “The Fandom” series on YouTube.

  3. Can I take photos at Fur-Eh!?
    You are more thank welcome to take personal photos (not for selling) throughout your stay with us at Fur-Eh! Keep in mind however, it is common courtesy to ask someone prior to taking a photo of them or their costume. Some venues may have an exception to this rules (such as no photos allowed in the headless lounge). If you do take a photo, be sure to share it with us on our Flikr page, or tag us on Twitter!

  4. How do I get to Fur-Eh! from the airport?
    The Edmonton Airport offers many different forms of transportation. You can also rent a car, take a cab/uber, or take public transit. For more information, visit

  5. What is available to eat at Fur-Eh!?
    There are a lot of options for all your different taste buds to enjoy while staying at the Wyndham Edmonton Hotel and Conference Center or our overflow hotel Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre . For those who don’t want to leave, Fur-Eh! offers select dining experiences throughout the convention, as well as the hotel’s on location restaurant with special themed dishes just for Fur-Eh! There is a wide variety of restaurants in the immediate area that you can visit or have delivered, as well as shops nearby!

  6. Are there microwaves in the hotel rooms?
    Most of the hotel rooms now have a fridge and microwave in them; however, check with the front desk when checking in to make sure one is available if required.

  7. Is there WiFi available at the convention?
    The Wyndham Edmonton Hotel and Conference Center and our overflow hotel Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre offers free WiFi throughout the premises for guests staying at the hotel. Due to the large influx of people using the hotel’s WiFi, connection speeds may vary, and the hotel does their best to ensure everyone can enjoy the WiFi.

  8. Do I need a Fursuit to attend the convention?
    Absolutely not, in fact most of our attendees do not own a Fursuit. A Fursuit is a large investment, one of which many cannot afford, and some members of the fandom just aren’t interested in owning one. Keep in mind that due to the cost of Fursuits, remember to always ask permission prior to touching anyone’s Fursuit wither they’re wearing it or not.

  9. What should I bring to the convention?
    We recommend bringing all the normal travel essentials such as personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc), enough clothes to last the duration of your stay, and some spare cash if you want to purchase items in the dealer’s den (most dealers do take other forms of payment, but it is not guaranteed.) We always encourage our guests to take part in the theme, so if you have any cool props or costume ideas that fit the theme, feel free to bring them as well!

  10. How can I help make Fur-Eh! better?
    We are always looking for volunteers to help make the convention run smoothly, if you’d like to help make Fur-Eh! a success head on over to our volunteer page to sign up. At the end of the convention, we will also send out a survey to all our registered guests. Please take the time to fill this out as we are happy to hear your ideas on how we can make our amazing convention even better!

  11. Can minors attend?
    Fur-Eh! strives to provide events and activities for all ages; however, some events may be intended for a mature audience (18 years of age or over). Such events will be clearly noted on the schedule and at the door and access to the panel or event will not be permitted to attendees under the age of 18. A minor that is aged 16 or older on the first day of the convention may attend without an adult guardian present by providing signed guardian approval. A minor that is under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian. The minor’s guardian will have a badge that is linked to the minor. Be sure to read our Code of Conduct for full details

  12. I want to buy tickets for my entire party, but I don’t see the option to buy more than 1 ticket. Why is this?
    Each adult attendee must register individually for Fur-Eh! because they must agree to the waiver and Code of Conduct when buying their pass to the event. As such, only one ticket may be sold to any one individual. You can use the same payment method to pay for multiple individual passes, but the name of the account holder must be different for each pass.

  13. I purchased extras / registered at a level that comes with goodies, how do I get them?
    All convention merchandise that is pre-purchased or included with your registration level will be available for pickup at the Fur-Eh! Company Store in the Marketplace Annex.

  14. How do I get my badge after I register?
    Your badge is your ticket to the convention and must be displayed at all times while in convention space. This includes panel rooms, our Marketplace, Artists Alley and any other area that is not “public” space in the hotel (other than Guest rooms of course). If you registered and paid online, you simply go to the special BADGE PICK UP line which will operate at peak times and show your ID. At all other times, badge pick up can be done at the Registration Office. If you are registering on site, you will receive your badge upon completion of payment in the Registration Office. SAVE TIME AND MONEY by registering in advance. (Note that upper tier registration is NOT available on site and must be purchased in advance.)