With so much to see and do at Mardi Paws, you’ll be sure to find something to fill your time. Come join us, as we capture the fun and excitement of the annual Mardi Gras Festival for all our guests to enjoy. Here is just a select few of our key events that you won’t want to miss!

Entertainment & Education

Dozens and dozens of hours of panels and events covering a huge array of topics, lifestyles and interests are front and centre at Fur-Eh! with contributions from many of our attendees! A full schedule will be posted about 4 weeks prior to Mardi Paws, so stay tuned! Our Programming is broken up into “tracks” including: Fursuiting & Cosplay, The Arts (Visual Art, Writing, Photography, Music), Gaming (Tabletop & Video Gaming), Entertainment (Performances & Shows) and Lifestyles.

Panels may be aimed at all ages (General or “PG” rated) or maybe “18+” (Adults Only).

Krewe Balls

Our three Krewes will be each holding a special event prior to each night’s dances on Thursday, Friday & Saturday night of Mardi Paws showing off their special brand of hospitality! All attendees, regardless of which Krewe they belong to, are welcome to attend! Times and details to come.

Talent Show

Furries are a wildly talented bunch and they can’t wait to show off some of their musical, comedic or other entertaining skills to hundreds of adoring spectators! Come enjoy one of the most popular events at Fur-Eh! and cheer on the fantastic performers!

Have a talent you’d like to showcase? Please complete this form as soon as possible as the number of acts we can showcase is limited:


Dance Competition

The #1 event every year at Fur-Eh!, this year’s Dance Competition heats up with more performers, better competition and a longer time slot! What isn’t changing is the fact that you’ll want to get there early in order to ensure entry to this wildly popular event! This year, we’re also adding FLOOR WARS for the first time ever at Fur-Eh! This head-to-head battle is sure to be another marquee event at Fur-Eh!

Want to show Fur-Eh! your moves in either or both events? Fill in the forms below for your spot in the event. But, hurry… Space is limited!

DANCE COMPETITION FORM: https://forms.gle/TsJPM95kVauxHBBG6 FLOOR WARS FORM: https://forms.gle/sJN5Z13vKZuXhEDx6

Nightly Dances

Dance the night – every night – away! With dances featuring a range of talented DJs and a spectacular atmosphere in our main ballroom, you can be sure there will be some fun times ahead on the dance floor Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. Plus, join us for a more laid back atmosphere during The SNAP (Sunday Night After Party) to wrap up Mardi Paws! DJ Applications are now open! Fill in this form to be considered for one of our DJ spots:


Tabletop & Video Gaming

Our games room, located on the 2nd floor (accessible by elevator from the main lobby) is a popular spot for those who want to check out some of the most popular board games and/or try their hand at some exciting video games.

Fur-Eh! Parade

Typically held on the Saturday of the convention, the Fur-Eh! Parade isn’t just any fursuit parade. It’s one of only a few outdoor Fursuit Parades in the world and the only one in Canada! Our Parade is also the only one to include parade vehicles & floats (weather permitting) This year, our Krewes are creating their own floats, helping to celebrate what makes them unique. It promises to be a colourful, exciting and fun-filled visual extravaganza suitable for the entire family! Note: The Fur-Eh! Parade is open to the general public and admission is not required. In the event of inclement weather, the parade will be modified and moved indoors.

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