Entertain Us!

We are looking for individuals or groups with a talent that can be performed for an all ages audience at Fur-Eh! 2018.

The types of stage acts that would be welcomed include:

Musical (live performance, not pre-recorded audio/vocals)
Vocal (live performance, not pre-recorded audio/vocals)
Dance (traditional/interpretive)
Comedy (Stand Up)
Dramatic (eg: a short play)

Depending on the nature of your act, you may be given a time slot of 30 to 60 minutes or you may be combined in a show that features numerous acts. We will make this determination based on the type of and number of submissions we receive.

Acts do NOT need to be “furry-related”. The acts for this open call are separate from our variety show.

While we are unable to offer any renumeration for performing at Fur-Eh!, we will provide you with snacks and beverages in a private green room and you will be welcome to check out the convention for the day that your act is performing. Any costs associated with your performance (eg: any equipment you may need to bring) will not be covered by Fur-Eh!

If you have any questions regarding this open call for performers, please contact us at general@fureh.ca




We’re pleased to introduce Demicoeur as Viva Paws Vegas’ GoH! Demi will be participating a range of panels/events at Fur-Eh! 2018. Find out more in our “Celebrities” section!


We are proud to welcome back UNDERDOGS RESCUE SOCIETY as our Charity Partner! Over the past 2 years, you’ve helped raise over $7,000 for this great organization!