Last Update: April 22, 2023

Fur-Eh! would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our Guests who have done the right thing over the past several years and have followed recommended mitigation strategies against Covid-19.

Vaccinations against Covid-19 have proven to be safe and effective. Masks have helped to reduce spread. Good hand hygiene has contributed to a lower chance of infection from touching surfaces. And, of course, “social distancing” played its part in keeping us all safe.

While we certainly strongly encourage all Guests to be up to date on their vaccinations, take rapid tests (they are still widely available at no cost at most drug stores/pharmacies in Canada) and wear masks particularly in crowded indoor areas, we are announcing that Fur-Eh! will not enforce any restrictions as it pertains to Covid-19 at this year’s event. This is in line with advice provided by our local health authorities whom we contacted prior to announcing this policy.

We recognize and empathize with those who are immunocompromised and/or who may have contact with those that are and will have to weigh the risk of attending a recreational event such as ours. They may decide that it is not worth that risk. This is understandable and we hope that as Covid-19 will likely continue to be a factor in our lives for years to come, there will be a safer way for these individuals to attend our and other events such as ours in the future.

We also know that this lack of restrictions will be disappointing to some and some – even those who may have had no interest in attending Fur-Eh! regardless of our Covid-19 policy – will say that we are abandoning our duty to protect our Guests. Or they may even claim that as an organization, we are somehow “anti-vax” or anti-restriction.

Let us assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Our organization feels strongly that Covid-19 mandates including vaccines have been effective and if these types of mitigation strategies were still widely in place in most public settings, we would be among those employing those same strategies at Fur-Eh! That, however, is not the situation we find ourselves in today.

Regardless, we will continue to recommend that every Guest be up to date on their vaccines and wear masks. And, please, if you do not feel well just before this year’s event, contact us for a refund and stay away. If you develop symptoms during our event, isolate immediately and notify us; we will work with you to provide you with a refund or a credit towards a future event.

Let us also stress that individual Vendors in our Marketplace, Marketplace Annex or Artists’ Alley may set their own rules of engagement with Guests at their table. We will not tolerate any abuse or harassment from any Guests who do not agree with any Vendor’s policy regarding mask use while interacting with them.

If you have already purchased your Fur-Eh! 2023 registration and no longer feel comfortable attending due to our updated Covid-19 policy, please contact us at and we will be happy to refund you.

We thank you for your continued support of Fur-Eh! and the amazing group of volunteer staff who help provide our Guests great memories year after year.


Canadian Anthropomorphics Inc.
Operators of Fur-Eh!