COVID-19 Update

March 21, 2021

Dear Friends of Fur-Eh!

Last year, we made the painful but unavoidable decision to postpone Fur-Eh! 2020 until this year, hoping that by the time we got to July 2021, we would have the ability to once again hold an event such as ours.

Sadly, while July is still several months away and while there are some hopeful signs that life will slowly return to pre-pandemic norms at some point, there is no certainty that public health measures will be lifted enough and that inter provincial (much less international travel) will be encouraged and our event can proceed in such a way that is both safe and fun for our Staff, Volunteers and, most importantly, our Attendees.

Regretfully, as such,we are announcing that Fur-Eh! 2021 will be postponed until July 2022.

We realize that this may be a disappointment for many, but we felt that it was the only option available to us.

We are, however, pleased to announce something exciting for later this year!

Aside from plans to hold another broadcast of Fur-Eh! TV in July, we have plans for the return of the Fur-Eh! Christmas Party in December! Details are being finalized at the time of this writing, but we believe that by December, we will be able to hold an event safely and without onerous restrictions that would make the event unviable.

We will provide further details on both Fur-Eh! TV’s next broadcast as well as the Christmas Party in the days to come!

To answer just some of the questions you must have, we are happy to provide you with further details below.

Q: Why are you cancelling now and not waiting longer?
A: We waited as long as we could to see how the roll out of vaccines might allow events like ours to proceed.The reality is that planning for each edition of Fur-Eh! usually takes about ten months and our belief is that even if the event could go ahead in some form, it would not be the quality event that we endeavor to deliver year after year.

Q: Why did you not just postpone to a later date this year?
A: We had discussed this possibility, but we felt that our event would have to be pushed back so far that it would potentially conflict with so many other conventions that may also be looking to switch their dates to sometime later this year, making it difficult for Fur-Eh! to stay viable in terms of attendance numbers. We felt that by moving to 2022, the potential for significant decline of Attendees might be lessened.As mentioned above, we do also plan to hold our annual Christmas Party with expanded operating hours, events, vendor involvement and more!

Q: What will be your new dates in 2022?
A: We have tentatively moved Fur-Eh! into July of 2022. Currently, we are scheduled for July 14 -17, 2022.

Q: I’ve already registered and paid for Fur-Eh! 2020 or 2021. What do I do now?
A: AAs a default action, anyone who has already paid for their registration for 2020 and requested it be rolled over to 2021or who registered and paid for their registration for 2021 will have their registration carried over to Fur-Eh! 2022. We are offering two additional options for all our previously paid registrants:

  1. A full refund. This will be processed as a refund to your original method of payment (via PayPal) whenever possible. If not, we will issue refund by other means including Interac Email Transfer (for Canadian residents). We expect to process any refunds within 60days from today.
  2. You may also donate your registration to Fur-Eh! ensuring our continued ability to hold events for our wonderful attendees! We will also be donating 50% of every donated registration to our charity partner, Underdogs Rescue Society as their ability to hold fundraisers has been severely limited due to Covid-19.
We will be directly contacting those who are registered and paid to confirm what they would like done with their 2020/2021 registration.

Q: I’m a Dealer. How will I be looked after?
A: As with the event registration options above, you’ll be able to carry over your table fees and registration as a credit towards next year (if you previously requested that they be rolled over into 2021), get a full refund or donate your fees to Fur-Eh! If you were accepted as a vendor for Fur-Eh! 2020, you will automatically be given a spot in Fur-Eh! 2022 if you still want it even if you previously requested or plan to request a refund. We will be directly contacting any Dealer who is currently fully paid regarding what they would like done with their 2020/2021 registration, table, etc.

Q: How does this affect our charity partner, Underdogs Rescue Society?
A: We are Underdogs single largest source of donations on an annual basis. This cancellation will surely affect their ability to help dogs in need. We highly encourage donating to Underdogs directly by visiting their website at As mentioned above, we are donating 50% from each registration that is donated to us to them.

Q: What does this mean for our Guest of Honour, NicNak?
A: We want to thank NicNak for everything she has done for us up to this point. We would be pleased to have NicNak return as one of our Guest of Honour for Fur-Eh! 2022.

Q: Will you carry over your theme (Mardi Paws) to 2022?
A: Yes! If nothing else, we know you’ll all want to celebrate the return of Fur-Eh! next year and we can’t think of a better way to do so than to continue our theme of Mardi Paws into 2022.

Q: Will this be the end of Fur-Eh!?
A: Absolutely not. Fur-Eh! is more than just one event or just one person. Fur-Eh! has the fortune of being able to use our contingency fund to ensure the continued success of our organization so that we can continue to bring you a world-class event. (You can help top up that contingency fund by donating your registration rather than rolling over or requesting a refund, but please only do so if you are able to afford to do so.) We also have a sense of community that many cons do not have. In our Telegram chat, for example, we have over 450 members which is more than many chats for conventions significantly larger than ours. This is a testament to our Attendees and we thank you for your year-round support and engagement.

If you have any additional questions in regards to this postponement, please feel free to email us at

Finally, we made a plea to you all last year and we are going to make a similar plea to you now: Please follow the direction of our public health officials. The available science indicates that the best way to get our lives all back to a sense of normalcy is to break the chain of transmission of the virus. The best way to do that is to follow the guidelines as best as you can. And, if/when you are able, please get vaccinated! The more people do get vaccinated, the less likely it is that further outbreaks of Covid-19 and its variants will occur.

Be safe, take care of yourself and of others and we will see you soon.

The Board of Canadian Anthropomorphics Inc.
Edmonton, AB

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