COVID-19 Update

Last Update: May 24, 2022

The challenges of hosting an event of this type are varied and there is no one size fits all solution due to the way the venue is designed, the ability to manage and enforce policies and the fact that so much of the venue is outside of our control.

Our policy stance has always been that we will follow, at a minimum, the prevailing guidelines as set out by the provincial government. As it appears that the guidelines will not be changing, offering a reasonable level of protection to our Guests and staff that is manageable and not simply performative is the goal.

To that end, we will require a proof of vaccination OR a valid negative Covid-19 test taken within 2 days prior to the day you arrive at the convention.

Valid proof of vaccination (showing at least 2 doses of approved vaccines in your home jurisdiction) may consist of any government-issued document. For those in Canada that have a QR code that is compatible with the pan-Canadian vaccine record checker, that is the preferred method of proof.

Valid proof of negative test must be issued by a licensed pharmacy or other medical body and need only be a “rapid” or “antigen” test. A PCR test is NOT required. The test result document must have a name that matches your name on your ID. (Tests conducted by a pharmacy are widely available. For example, Walmart locations offer rapid tests for only $20. Self-taken tests will not be accepted.)

Upon a verification of vaccination or negative test, you will be issued a wrist band that you will only require until you pick up your badge. Once you’ve received your badge, you may remove your wrist band and you will not be asked to show your status or test result again during Fur-Eh!

Furthermore, at the request of numerous Vendors and Staff, masks will be MANDATORY in the Marketplace.

In the rest of con space and throughout the rest of the hotel which is largely outside our direct control, masks will be STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, but not required. Particularly in smaller, confined or crowded spaces (such as elevators, our registration office or in smaller panel rooms), wearing a mask has been proven to be beneficial and effective at preventing spread of Covid-19.

Please be respectful of everyone regardless of their choice to wear a mask or not in areas where a mask is not required. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we will not tolerate harassment of any of our Guests, Fur-Eh! Staff and Volunteers, Vendors or Hotel Staff.

We will also have ample amounts of hand sanitizer available throughout the hotel and we will have disposable masks available by the Marketplace for your convenience just in case you forget yours.

It should also go without saying that if you are feeling ill in any way upon the approach of the con, you must not attend. If you show symptoms of illness during your time at the con, please self-isolate and notify us. We will be glad to refund your registration should illness force you to miss the event.

Ultimately, each individual must gauge their comfort level when it comes to attending this or any other event. We ask all of our attendees to consider their risk factors or the risk factors of others they may be in close contact with after the convention before deciding to attend. If you are not comfortable attending, we will gladly accommodate you by rolling over your registration to a future year or by providing a refund. (Contact us at general@fureh.ca to make this request. Please include your registration details so that we can find your record.)

Finally, please remember that the Covid-19 pandemic is not over. While it may be resulting in lower hospital admissions and ICU stays, there are still vulnerable community members including some on our Staff that may be adversely affected by contraction of the virus.

Together, we can all still have a fantastic time at Mardi Paws!


The Board of Canadian Anthropomorphics Inc.
Edmonton, AB

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