We’re changing our dates!

What a roller coaster the last 24 hours have been! As you may know, one of the largest Furry Conventions in the world surprised everyone with a change of their dates for 2017. Yes, BLFC in Reno, NV moved to June 1-4, 2017. While they couldn’t have anticipated having to make this move, we’re sure, the problem was that this was the exact weekend that we had already announced as our dates for 2017. In fact, we had made the move in large part to avoid BLFC as we recognize that many of you who attend Fur-Eh! also enjoy attending BLFC and having some separation in the time between our two cons was desirable. Well, after some quick discussion & negotiation with our hotel venue, we are pleased to announce that Fur-Eh! will be able to move later into June by two weeks, making Fur-Eh! 2017 June 15-18, 2017. This is two weeks after BLFC and two weeks before AC (another con we wouldn’t want to be up against). While we’re chatting here, we should also tell you that we have exciting plans for the space we are using in our venue this year! With our anticipated growth for 2017, we needed more space for our main event areas and we are very close to being able to announce something great on this front, too. Suffice to say, that we are going to be very happy with our new “Room of Requirement”. (Yes, it’s going to be a year of references to the world of Harry Potter… We can’t help it!) Thank you for your understanding regarding this change of dates. We really appreciate all the support we received from so many of you when this all came up yesterday and we want you to know that YOU are all why we do what we do! Here’s the “official” announcement that we released earlier today – of course, themed for your enjoyment!
Dogwarts move