Our Dealers’ Den is always a busy place and this year will be no exception with over 30 vendors offering a wide range of commissions, products and services.

Fur-Eh! will also have our first ever Con Store featuring great souvenir merchandise. You will also be able to place bids at the Fur-Eh! Silent Auction which will also be found in the Dealers’ Den this year!

Here’s a list of confirmed Dealers: 

Blue Moon Design Studio – Custom art, prints, own comics, pre-made tails and ears

Blazewing’s Emporium – Custom spa products, jewellry and possibly fursuit disinfectant

Strawberrymilk Illustation and design (feat. c_hocolatemilk) – Custom artwork, pins, prints, stickers

CryptoCove / Zardis – Custom work, prints, stickers, and badges

Darkpaw studios – Colouring books, prints, keychains, necklaces, buttons, badge commissions

Hato – Custom artwork, prints, and more

Komickrazi Studios – Comic books, Pre-made partials, statues and sculptures, fursuit making supplies, custom artwork

Yannarra ~ Pretty Kitty Polymer – Charms, jewelry, dust-plugs, figurines

Undercover Nerd – Handmade lingerie and accessories (in keeping with the theme)

Silent Ravyn – Prints, on-the-spot sketch and badge commissions, stickers

Ashtree Studio – Prints, bookmarks, keychains, charms, custom artwork

Silver Lining Cosplay – Jewelry, T-Shirts, cosplay accessories, crossstitch art

Tiger Paw Creations – Fursuit pieces, props, hand made mini stuffed animals, pillows, bandanas

Marci McAdam – Consketches, custom badges, prints, magnets

Amoryllis Studios & SolexLuna – Commissions for artwork including references, plush and fursuits

Raditz – Pre-made ears and tails, possibly faux-feather items

ShinigamiGirl – Commissions, originals, loose and matted prints, stickers, acrylic charms, fursuit bandanas

Fluff-Buddies / Seylyn Illustration – Paw socks, charms, art prints and commissions

CrowsNest Creations – Fursuits, ears, tails, plushies and art

RedCoatCat (Our GUEST OF HONOUR) – Commissions both conbadges and sketches, matted prints, loose prints, bookmarks and originals

Rei & Jia – Artwork

EerieEden – Custom artwork, badges, commissions, prints, stickers and keychains

Aldawolfa Creations – Pre-made fursuit items (heads, tails, ears, paws) stuffed animals, furry related keychains, furry related stickers

Lazy Leopard – Fursuit pieces and Art

Sasha Cristata- Custom Artwork and furry accessories

Wrecksy – Custom artwork, badges, phone cases, keychains, pins, and other fursuit accessories. Specializing in both toony and realistic styles!

SemsjZ – Artwork

Tango’s Trinkets and Art – Art, antiques, bones, stones

Random Array – Artwork, kigurumis, hoodies, plush, soap, collars, hats, buttons and necomimi

Moonlightsedge Chainmaille – Chainmaille, Steampunk, Artwork, buttons

Walnuts – Clay models, General Artwork, Toy Donuts

Underdogs Rescue (Fur-Eh’s chosen Charity Partner) – Underdogs Rescue merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, bracelets, magnets. Donations also accepted here!

Fur-Eh! Con Store – A variety of official Fur-Eh! merchandise including collector pins, mugs, shot glasses, flasks and much more! 

Fur-Eh! Fundraiser Silent Auction – Bid on a variety of great items with half of all proceeds going to our charity guest. Some items will even go to live auction during closing ceremonies!


We also listened to and acted upon the feedback from both the Dealers & our Guests from last year’s survey and have modified the Den hours. The biggest change is that we are going to open & close later on the first day of the convention (Friday). The reason for this was because many Guests commented that because they were not able to arrive to Fur-Eh! until later on the day on Friday, they didn’t have much time to get to the Dealers’ Den. We also noticed that for the first few hours of operation of the Dealers’ Den last year, there were a good number of empty tables as Dealers may not all have been able to get set up in time for earlier in the day. We believe that this change will help both our Guests & our Dealers get the most out of their time in our Dealers’ Den!

Our Dealers’ Den hours* will be:

Friday May 6 – 2pm to 7pm
Saturday May 7 – 10am to 6pm
Sunday May 8 – 10am to 4pm

Remember: Sponsors, Super Sponsors & Sovy Tier registrants will have 5 minutes early access to the Dealers’ Den each day of the con.

(Dealer Set Up Access begins at noon on Friday May 6)

*Not all Dealers may operate their table the hours listed. Please check with them individually. All hours subject to change.

Here’s a map of where are Dealers will be located in the Dealers’ Den:

PowerPoint Presentation