Fur-Eh!, a uniquely Canadian furry convention, began as an idea in 2010 by Thallanor Rasmusson and Fallout Coyote, but didn’t come to fruition until the first event was held in May of 2012 with a very modest attendance of 200 Guests.

Every year since, the number of registered Guests has grown by about 33% year-over-year with attendance for the 2016 edition of Fur-Eh! reported at 625 with 134 fursuiters in the outdoor fursuit parade.

Programming is diverse and includes popular panels and events such as “Drunken Fursuit Construction”, “The Poutine Social” (literally a buffet of poutine) and “Cutthroat Artist”. Convention standards including The Fursuit Games, the Dance Competition and nightly dances are joined by new favourites such as “Furry Feud”, Karaoke and much more.

Fur-Eh! also has a robust educational component with hours and hours of programming that teach Guests about fursuit making and performance, writing in the Furry Fandom and artists’ techniques.

Proudly Canadian, Fur-Eh! makes a point of supporting artists of this great country by choosing their Guest of Honour each year from an impressive pool of Canadian talent. Also, a rousing rendition of “O, Canada” is sung (at least once) during the convention weekend.

The current Fur-Eh! Organizing Committee consists of Thallanor Rasmusson (the Convention Chair), bcbreakaway (Guest Experience Manager), Maskwa (Operations Manager), and Sierra Racs (committee member). Together, and with a lot of help from dedicated staff and tremendous volunteers, their goal is to put on an entertaining and inclusive event, suitable for all ages and for a wide range of interests.

The Fur-Eh! Organizing Committee

Thallanor Rasmusson is the co-founder of Fur-Eh! and has been the Convention Chairperson ever since it’s inaugural year in 2012 and much of the unique programming at Fur-Eh! comes from Thallanor’s somewhat twisted mind. He also operates Furthest North (a furry camping trip) and the Fur-Eh! Christmas Party (in Calgary).





bcbreakaway joined Fur-Eh!, much to his surprise, in 2014, but took on a much greater role in 2015 working closely with the existing staff. In 2016, he became “Guest Experience Manager” and was ultimately responsible for all public-facing aspects of the Convention. He will repeat his role in 2017 and looks forward to welcoming all of our Guests in June of next year.






SierraRacs joined the Fur-Eh! Organizing Committee for the 2016 edition of the convention. He has been an integral part of keeping panels and events running smoothly by ensuring materials needed are available and where they’re supposed to be on time. His home is also a great place for our meetings!





Maskwa is not only an Organizing Committee member, but is also Fur-Eh’s Operations Manager. An indispensable part of the convention, there is no detail too big or too small that escapes his attention! Look for him in a kilt, roaming the con looking for beer.







Guest Experience Manager – bcbreakaway
Retail Lead – Breezy
Theming Lead – Zayfox
Construction Manager – Lone Tiggs
Signage & Publications Lead – Jakey
Entertainment Track Lead – Thallanor
Writing Track Lead – Aaron Blackpaw
Art Track Lead – Kellic
Fursuit Track Lead – Wolever
Gaming Lead – Dukeskunk
Head Phototographer & Videographer – Hobo Takoda
Art Show Manager – Stirling Millar
Fursuit Parade Manager – mBlade
Talent Show Manager – Fallout

Operations Manager – Maskwa
Registration Lead – Jen B.
Volunteer Lead – Konar
Security Lead – Daedalus Silver
Resources Lead – Sierra Racs
Vendor Lead – Lucifur Fox
Charity Liasison – Ken F.
Sound & Lighting – Silverhoof



Our list of volunteers will be available soon! Don’t forget, you can sign up to be a volunteer! Check out our VOLUNTEER PAGE for details!