We want to help send one lucky winner to Las Vegas, Nevada!

EVERY PAID REGISTRANT qualifies for a chance to win airfare & accommodations to Las Vegas totalling not more than $500 CAD!

Register and pay at the “Tourist” registration level to receive 1 ballot.

Register and pay at “Card Shark” registration level to receive 2 ballots.

Register and pay at “High Roller” registration level to receive 3 ballots.

Register and pay at “Whale” registration level to receive 4 ballots!

*Your flight must depart from an airport local to your area. Your stay will include your return flight and hotel room for up to 3 nights. More details to come!


We're pleased to introduce Demicoeur as Viva Paws Vegas' GoH! Find out more in our "Celebrities" section!


Check back soon for details on our 2018 Charity Partner and all that they do.