Fur-Eh! is proud to offer a wide range of programming ranging from the entertaining to the educational and everything in between! But, did you know that nearly all of our programming is hosted by attendees just like you who want to share their knowledge, entertain or possibly just want to get like-minded individuals together?

Submit your programming via the form linked at the bottom of this page.



– Keep your programming time slot under 60 minutes. In most cases, panels lasting longer than an hour tend to lose the crowd’s interest.
– Be more general rather than specific. The more narrow a focus your panel topic has, the less likely a large number of people will wish to attend.
– Are you funny? Are you sure? Humour is great, but be sure that your humour is suitable for a wide range of tastes and that it’s not mean-spirited or hateful.
– Be part of our theme! Panels that are within our “Paws Vegas” theme are more likely to be approved.
– Be creative! Fur-Eh! is always willing try new programming ideas, so don’t be afraid to submit your idea.
– Is your idea potentially “18+”? “Adult Only” panels due to sexual content will only be permitted to run after 9pm on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Other types of 18+ panels will be permitted throughout the rest of the con schedule.
– Involve the crowd! Programming that allows the crowd to participate in some way is always a good option! (The exception is in any panels that are 18+ due to sexual content.)
– In some instances, if the same programming submission is made by two or more different individuals, we may ask those submitters to work together to host a panel/event.



You may submit more than one programming idea, but please submit each programming idea separately.

Not every programming submission will be approved, but they will all certainly be considered.


We’re pleased to introduce Demicoeur as Viva Paws Vegas’ GoH! Demi will be participating a range of panels/events at Fur-Eh! 2018. Find out more in our “Celebrities” section!


We are proud to welcome back UNDERDOGS RESCUE SOCIETY as our Charity Partner! Over the past 2 years, you’ve helped raise over $7,000 for this great organization!