Fur-Eh! 2017

Thank you for being a part of something magical!

Dear Students of Dogwarts:

We wanted to thank you for attending Dogwarts this past semester. It was an honour and a privilege to host you!

As we bid a fond farewell to Dogwarts, Dogsmeade Village, our four amazing Houses and everything that made this year such a success, we wanted to pay special thanks to the following individuals who could not be at Fur-Eh! this year:

  • Latin Foxy for his tireless efforts on our 2017 website
  • Golden Lion Studio for writing an original composition for us as our theme music
  • mmmatches (Ringer) for creating our 2018 website

We also wanted to thank:

For your enjoyment, our 2017 Fur-Eh! Con Book (also known as “Dogwarts School Annual 2017”) is now available for you to download as a PDF.

Now before we apparate to Paws Vegas, we thought we’d give you some statistics & news:

  • We welcomed 734 students to Dogwarts during our semester.
  • 135 Fursuiters participated in the Fur-Eh! Parade including 2 vehicles, a trailer and over 200 people viewed the parade.
  • You helped raise $4,000 for our Charity Partner, Underdogs Rescue Society.
  • We had over 110 rooms booked in the hotel on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights (about 1/2 their inventory).
  • In our “House Cup”, Rundlehoof (501 points) finished as the champions, beating out Cinderclaw (446), Birbenbeak (416) and Hisserin (402).
  • We sold/distributed all 75 tickets to the Guest of Honour Dinner, all 100 tickets to the Dogs Breakfast and all 100 tickets to the Poutine Social.
  • Weremagnus beat out Amara in the final round of “Cutthroat Artist” and won $20 which she promptly donated to Underdogs.
  • We had a marriage proposal at the end of “The Furlywed Game”.
  • The “Motorama” featured as many as 20 vehicles.
  • A game of Quidditch was played.
  • The Dance Competition winners were: Dekks Shepherd (1st), Sora (2nd) and Scrap (3rd).
  • The Talent Show winners were: Tarrin Otter (1st), Musical Tails (Cooper, bcbreakaway, Dekks Shepherd and cast) (2nd) and (in a tie for 3rd) Nimh & Cassidy the Civet.

Check out our Flickr page for photos by our volunteer staff photographers. You can also add your own photos to our Flickr if you have a Flickr account.

And, remember, you will always be a part of Dogwarts and of your House. (Thank you, sorting collar!)


We're pleased to introduce Demicoeur as Viva Paws Vegas' GoH! Find out more in our "Celebrities" section!


Check back soon for details on our 2018 Charity Partner and all that they do.