Coming Attractions

Our latest teaser trailer for Fur-Eh! 2019: Unifursal Studios. Starring mBlade and Tiggs. Special thanks to Vampy & Wolever. Edited by bcbreakaway.

WINNER – Video Category
Fur-Eh! 2019 Contest (August/September 2018)

Submitted by
Cainen McGuffin
aka That coyote with the goalie mask on his face

Second Place – Video Category
Fur-Eh! 2019 Contest (August/September 2018)

Submitted by
Univaded Fox
Marfles Malamute
Orwin Raqoon
Ferrum Xander

WINNER – Artwork Category
Fur-Eh! 2019 Contest (August/September 2018)

“The Pawmaster” Movie Poster
Submitted by

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… Artwork by former Fur-Eh! GoH Davecko

Secret Life of Furs from Fur-Eh on Vimeo.


We’re pleased to introduce Eerie Eden as our Guest of Honour at Unifursal Studios! Eerie will be participating a range of panels/events at Fur-Eh! 2019.


In the past 3 years, you’ve helped raise approximately $14,000 for our charity partner! We are thrilled to welcome back Underdogs Rescue Society as our Charity Partner for 2019!