Ready to come to Paws Vegas? Start here and choose from 4 different registration options!


Just looking for a great visit to Paws Vegas without a lot of frills? Look no further than this basic-level registration. $55 (available until end of day June 3, 2018)

Card Shark

Come to Paws Vegas and make an impression! Receive an official “Viva Paws Vegas” T-Shirt and a Souvenir Redeemable Prize Token as part of your registration level. $90 (available until end of day May 13, 2018)

High Roller

Get exciting gifts and other perks when you register as a “High Roller”. Includes a “Viva Paws Vegas” T-Shirt, 3 Souvenir Redeemable Prize Tokens, a ticket to one of our Dining Events, a ticket to our special Guest of Honour Dinner and more! $180 (available until end of day May 13, 2018)


You’re one of our biggest supporters and you like only the best including the exclusive perks and benefits that come with it. Receive an exclusive, limited edition clothing item, a “Viva Paws Vegas” T-Shirt, 5 Souvenir Redeeemable Prize Tokens, tickets to all of our Dining Events and more! $360 (available until end of day May 13, 2018)



On site registration will be available starting the evening of Wednesday June 13, 2018. On site, only the “Tourist” level will be available at a cost of $60.


We’re pleased to introduce Demicoeur as Viva Paws Vegas’ GoH! Demi will be participating a range of panels/events at Fur-Eh! 2018. Find out more in our “Celebrities” section!


We are proud to welcome back UNDERDOGS RESCUE SOCIETY as our Charity Partner! Over the past 2 years, you’ve helped raise over $7,000 for this great organization!